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The Paris National Bank
A Subsidiary of Paris Bancshares, Inc.
Locally Owned and Operated since 1865

While the county was involved in the Civil War, local investors in Paris, Missouri came together and formed a bank that would have a profound impact on future generations in Monroe County.

Chartered in 1865, The Paris National Bank was the first and still is the only national bank in the county of Monroe. In the beginning, bank ownership was in the hands of a few local investors, but in time, the stock became more widely dispersed.

For more than one hundred years, The Paris National Bank has played a major role in this central Missouri community, known as the “friendliest town in Little Dixie”. There is a sense of pride the people of Paris hold in their community and in their bank. Paris provides that small town atmosphere in which neighbors can become friends and families can plant deep roots.

Over the years, The Paris National Bank has helped residents establish those roots through its primary mission of serving the banking needs of the people of Paris and surrounding communities. The bank has earned a well-deserved reputation for quality service and conservative soundness.

Agricultural lending remains a major contribution of the bank. Consumer, home, and business loans are also provided, in addition to telephone banking, ATM services, a variety of checking accounts, and a bank club account.

The Paris National Bank has been located at 118 North Main Street since 1965. Previously the bank was located in the Main Street Building on the corner of Monroe and Main Streets. In 1999 the bank completed a major renovation to include the addition of a drive-up teller window and expansion of the bank’s loan department. The Paris National Bank, the only home-owned national bank in Monroe County, is strategically positioned to provide banking services to current and future generations in the area. The bank’s officers and staff encourage you to visit the bank at your convenience and discover the key to better banking.